Worstcase Scenario Porchcast ep.1


Foul Mouth Jerk, Adam Strange, & Birdie are back and have no FCC to stop the adult content. This is the first official ‘porchcast’ coming to you live and direct from Foul Mouth’s front porch. Download this for historical purposes…..

Acceptance Speeches… That’s How A Playa Do

Holden & Roland MVA


Fresh off their starring roles in the Foul Mouth Jerk stop-motion, crime drama, rap video “Opium Den”, Holden Green and Roland Dough walked the red carpet with their co-stars, turned lady-friends Harmony & Chrystal. The star studded gala event was the Music Video Asheville Awards. The pair left with the trophy for Best Visual Design, on behalf of Jerk & behind-the-scenes Mastermind, Jon Jones, for Low Bat studios.  Rumor has it that Holden & Roland have signed on for a possible trilogy, and have started shooting on the sequel, titled “The Perfect Crime.”  TMZ reports that their Hollywood it-dude status has already attracted the attention of tiny 1/6th scale Scientologists, who are looking for a new spokesman, who is at least slightly taller than Tom Cruise.

The Bully Pulpit


Slurs, whether you mean the impaired speech of drug addled barflies, or just abusive language and colorful insults, nobody does it better than the whiskey breathing, three headed monster that is Foul Mouth Jerk, Tame One and TopR. The lead single off the Jerk’s upcoming sixth full length, “Death By Misadventure” is classic, grimy, B-Boy funk spit from three veterans in the game. A razor sharp scratch montage by European DMC champion DJ Grazzhoppa on the hook, brings it all together over a beat by Reef Ali that’s more menacing than Godzilla’s dick. Album available 4/20/15… Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell everybody you know.


Feast Your Gaze…

misad front color my fix

Last week I read an article about how Flo Rida associate, Rich Homie Quan was barred from entering the VIP at an exclusive Miami night club. His response was to shout “But I’m a rich millionaire!”, knock out the bouncer, run across the street and escape in a speed boat.
Well, Foul Mouth Jerk is broke, but he appreciates new and creative ways to do opulent and excessive shit. He spends time pioneering such methods. Did he motorboat your mom’s tits with a mouthful of cheese ravioli? He doesn’t remember that, but it sounds like something he’d do. Did he get a master artist like Gus Cutty to render predictions on the conditions of his demise, and then use that as an album cover? Yes, he certainly did. Is there a level of Tupacishness in such a gesture? We’ll let you be the judge of that.
The new album Death By Misadventure will be available on iTunes, bandcamp.com and most online distributors Monday, 4/20/15. The official release party in Saturday 4/18 at The Isis Music Hall, in Asheville, NC. So in honor of that, above is the sneak preview of the album cover. Special thanks to Gus Cutty.

Foul Mouth Jerk Album Release Party/Video Premiere – 04/18/15

show flier

Foul Mouth Jerk w/ GFE, Philo ft. Empire Strikes Brass, DJ Jett & Macon Beats.
This is the album release party for Death By Misadventure.

The new video for Jerk’s song “Opium Den” will premiere

Saturday, April 18, 2015 –
9:00pm – All Ages
Get your tickets right here, right now
Foul Mouth Jerk Album Release Party/Video Premiere: Featuring GFE, Philo ft. Empire Strikes Brass, DJ Jett & Macon Beats.
Isis Music Hall
743 Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC, USA 28806

Adam Strange will be starring in the role of “Hype-Man”.

Meet Me at the Ostrich Stud Farm… Where the OGs Kick It


For those of you not up on Luke Sick, check his credentials:  Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, Yole Boys, Rime Force Most Illin.  The mean-spirited and gruff voiced rapper brings to mind Rakim smoking a pack a day, or Fredo Starr gaining 100 pounds from eating all his meals at the County Fair.Similarly slept-on producer Brycon has been making slaps on the under since the late 90s as member of heralded groups GFE, Brycon & Equal and Simple Mathematics.  His production credits include Action Bronson, Murs/Living Legends, Masta Ace and many more.  Somewhere between RZA and DJ Premier exists the sound that is still distinctly Brycon.  Oh and he smokes a lot of weed.  Even a little hash.

Their debut album “Year Of The Tre Bag” (MegaKut) is 14 tracks worth of grimy Bay Area gutter sniping.  Produced entirely by Brycon and held down by Luke Sick with appearances by Foulmouth Jerk and Lightbulb.  Videos for the first and second official singles “Driftin Drifter” and “You’re The Bad One” are on the way.

You can download the first official single “Driftin Drifter”, stream the full length album, and purchase “Year Of The Tre Bag” at the links above.



Can’t Sleep… Must Make Beats


On a trip to Ecuador to see the legendary Bad Samta, Gurp-voyager and self-proclaimed “curse of the GFE” Brycon came home with an armload of records and a sleep-addled brain.  A short few days later the pudgy and curmudgeonly producer emerged from his San Francisco lab with this:


Brycon “ECU”


24 Minutes of Instrumentals inspired by a recent dig in Quito Ecuador


Now available in digital form at   http://brycon.bandcamp.com/album/ecu

and in physical form directly from Brycon   (bryconmusic@gmail.com) for the handsome price of $8.00 american.


Look for Brycon & Luke Sick’s new group Grand Killa Con as they schmob through NC and TN this month on the Cinderblocks & Cyanide tour, culminating in a performance at the 2013 Gurpfest in Asheville NC.  Their debut album “Year Of The Tre Bag” drops late this summer but you can score an advance copy direct from GKC on tour.