Worstcase Scenario ep. 214 “Quarantine Aged Wasteland”

Well, maybe this will finally solve the “affordable housing” issue. Southerners be acting like nothing is happening and there are gonna be a whole lot of old southerners having sad funerals because all their friends are to busy having funerals to attend. I’m talking about dead people, piles of dead people. They might just make social security solvent again.

Worstcase Scenario ep. 213 “Brought to You by Catastrophic Implications”

Quarantine Episode pt 1 on the Ides of March! We are in the throws of a global pandemic, but hey, we got jokes! Wash your hands and stop touching your damn face. This week is gonna be famous one day, let our podcast be a part of history with you. Reminisce that one horrible fart while the markets crash and the toilet paper disappears, cuz it’s the worstcase……

Worstcase Scenario ep. 211 “Are They More Afraid of Bernie or Corona?”

Damn, this world is depressing. It’s uglier than a cowboy’s butt-hole out here in these streets. If we are living in a simulation, it really needs better writers. Pence is in charge of keeping us safe from a pandemic, so ya, better get those thoughts and prayers ready cuz it’s the Worstcase……

Worstcase Scenario ep. 210 “Free Titties From Bernie ”

These rich folks are pissing themselves about Bernie. They think he’s gonna take their solid gold toilets and melt them down for health care. They will spend at least 20% of their fortunes to stop him from letting you go to the doctor. It’s the worstcase…….

Worstcase Scenario ep. 208 “The Miseducation of William H. Hatespeech”

Alright, don’t even get me started. I had stories, great stories. I had one about a chick that got chlamydia in her eye from a cheating boyfriend. I had one about “Penis Man”, one about a guy smoking weed while in court for a weed charge. But no, Jerk and a guest will instead argue for an hour about politics. This is the world now, and it’s Groundhog Day so it’s probably gonna keep happening again and again forever.

Worstcase Scenario ep. 207 “Safe Space Cadet & The Cockbroker”

A special guest informs us about the psychological side effects of hormonal birth control. It explains why bad boys look good to baby mamas and why Old Spice is still a thing. Also, Jerk stays awake for the whole episode, it’s the worstcase…….