Fist Fam Has More Videos Than You

You’re not artsier than the Fist Fam, as evidenced by the fact that they staged this miniature Burning Man Festival of their own, for this video featuring the vocal stylings of Dan Allen. The festival, which I will now baselessly speculate is named Burning Dan– or possibly Burning Fam, will undoubtedly showcase gurp scouts, laser boobs, shroomz & chicken biscuits, and will certainly conform to “Stanford standards.” So until next year’s festival just enjoy this new video “Civilized Freakshow” which I am pretty sure was shot in watercolor, off the brand new Fist Fam album “Posted”.
And if you’re in the Asheville, NC area on June 10th, don’t forget to come to the “Posted” east coast album release party at the Emerald Lounge, brought to you by Gurp City South. Long live the Weekend Cult… SnappyDamnTom.