Another Failed Attempt On My Life… Nice Try Fist Fam

Friday night’s Fist Fam Asheville album release party… sold out show, hot chicks making out in the front row, police out front with bull horns screaming at drunk fans to clear the street or be arrested, dudes chompin down thizz in the ladies room, and I’m relatively confident that Philo broke the record for consumption of alcohol by a land mammal, and still performed (more or less). Not to mention that this night was preceded by a killer episode of Worst Case Scenario Radio Show (  every Thurs.10pm-12am) and was followed by two more days and nights of near fatal inebriated cook outs.

All in all I’d have to say a job well done gentlemen. Special thanks to all the performers, The Ville Boys, DJ Football, Smidi, TopR, myself (Robert Fouly Jr.) The Fist Fam and all you ruckus ass fans & fine ass frauleins that came out & made this the rowdiest night in town yet this summer.  And a pat on the back to us here at Gurp City South for throwing & promoting this event. This was debauchery & hedonism at it’s finest. Gurp City South is in full motherfuckin effect.