New Video: Sacred Hoop “Moron Abuse”

I’m not sure when exactly they put this out but I’ve always been a big fan of re-appropriation. At it’s essence, that’s pretty much the heart of hip hop. This video is basically a well edited collage of mostly anime and the occasional strategic use of live action shots. Not surprising really, as Sacred Hoop has always been masters of well placed sampling, of music, vocals, visuals & ideas. They’re a lot like a Caucasian Bomb Squad (as in Shocklees & Saddler, for you young buckets) that way. If you need proof, go to any track on the “Go Hogwild” album.
My hat is off to you gentlemen. In the era of boundless bullshit, you have once again shown what this game is supposed to be. Grumpy old men fucking rule.