Rockers Revenge

It has begun to appear that some sort of resurgence of golden age hip hop has started to take hold in Asheville this summer. The aforementioned Artifacts will be coming through July16th. Chub Rock of all people is playing a west side hole in the wall about two blocks from my house July 3rd. And as you can see from the above photo, we piled in the Run-GMC and headed out to Cherokee casino & caught  a free show from honorary Vice Squad member and Digital Underground front man Shock G, this Friday night. The Hump threw a killer show for a very enthusiastic, mostly redneck crowd, shut it down with “Freaks of the Industry” then took requests. (surprisingly, the casino’s last two Fridays have hosted Tone Loc & Young MC, respectively)

This was followed by a Saturday night opening for Dead Prez at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, along with The Secret B-Sides & Mr. Invisible. A sold out show that smashed all the way through. Great work to everyone involved, especially the crowd of 500+ who turned up & got live.