Free Music From The Man in The Cuts

So if you’ve been feeling the music on Worst Case Scenario, you probably know that a lot of the newest stuff we play comes to our show via our semi-silent partner in San Francisco The Man in The Cuts aka Gus Cutty of the Fist Fam. What you may not know is that Gus does a regular all music-no talk podcast of new hip hop about twice a month that kicks much ass. The podcast is called Fog Breaks and features brand new songs from Gurp City & Gurp City South member & associates, as well as new music from artists at large that don’t suck. Because contrary to what you may have heard there are a lot of dope new artists out there that aren’t getting the kind of exposure as all that poodle-ass pop bullshit that passes as hip hop these days.

To that end, we’ve posted the link & track list  for the newest Fog Breaks podcast titled “Decepts on the L Train”  and will continue to post them here for Gus’s  subsequent podcasts. You  can also check out the fog breaks site & subscribe to the podcast direct from itunes at the links at bottom.

1. Maffew Ragazino – Decepts on the L Train
2. Problem – Probs a Problem
3. A.Dd+ – Insomniacs Dreaming
4. Pac Div – The Greatness
5. Black Milk & Danny Brown – Zap
6. Nas – Nasty
7. TI ft. Pharrell – Hear Ye Hear Ye
8. Styles P – Feelings Gone
9. Sav Killz ft. Lil Fame – Jamel Rockwell
10. Immortal Technique – Toast to the Dead
11. Alexander Spit – The Kids Are Bored
12. Slim the Mobster ft. Prodigy – Marta
13. Quelle Chris ft. Danny Brown & Roc Marciano – Shotgun
14. The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. – Make Me
15. Killa Kyleon – Letter to Pimp C
16. The Ville Boyz – Talk to Em’
17. Fist Fam – Woompty Woomp
18. Juicy J – Gotta New One

Fog Breaks Links: