The Cold Hand Strikes Back

For years now Gurp City has been proving that the old school methods of quality over quantity & craftsmanship over conformity are still the best, mostly because we are a bunch of angry dinosaurs that refuse to change with the times. But also because our shit is way fresher than yours. The likely the vanguard of that work ethic has been Luke Sick & DJ Eons One, better known as Grand Invincible. This artisan-like approach is evidenced by their latest 9 song EP Winter 365. The limited run digi-pack CD (hand numbered 1 through 100) includes stickers, mini-zines, & generally the  the type of artsy underground shit you don’t get anywhere else. So go follow the link at the bottom & cop it for the sake of your children & your children’s children. And if you still need further convincing, follow the soundcloud link to their lead single “Undertaker of Mics”.

Undertaker of Mics: