Unlimited Edition

If you didn’t believe me, or more likely just weren’t listening the myriad of times I have repeated that this website is run by and largely for Grumpy Old Men, please allow me to state the latest case in the form of Rime Force Most Illin and their new mixtape. Exhibit A: the title “SupaLova”, Exhibit B: this mixtape is actually a tape, as in on cassette, well also available for download, but fuck all that newjack hogwash. This chilly fresh project is brought to you by preeminent cave men on the moon, Rec League’s Rob Rush & Gurp City’s Luke Sick featuring a stupid dope exclusive mix by G-Pek & some dumb hype cuts by DJ Raw B, as well as a recording of the first ever live appearance of Rime Force Most Illin. So get with the times, and by times I mean the Crack Era, and order one of these limited edition jammies cause each cassette order comes with a free download. So you can be fresh for the old school plus for the new one.

Link:  http://www.rimeforcemostillin.com/#!home/mainPage