Your Boy Gots Controversy

In case you are currently in the dark about who’s running the mural game right now, it’s Gurp City South virtuoso Gus Cutty of the Weekend Cult. Amidst of an outstanding run of large scale portraits on  downtown Asheville area walls that has included Denaris Stormborn Targarian of Game Of Thrones fame, blues man Screamin Jay Hawkins,  and a memorial for local street hero/home bum legend Dre Dog aka The Ram (RIP) Cutty has decided that the low  hanging fruit of notoriety is not enough. Controversy, that’s the money melon.

For those outside the purview of the South’s most delicious purveyor of deep fried yard bird, Chick-Fil-A  chose to throw their hat into the political ring when their CEO Dan Cathy decided to declare the company’s stance against gay marriage and proclaim their long time financial commitment to agencies determined to deprive homos nationwide the right to be as miserable as everyone else. To those of us acquainted with these Jesus-keen,  gourmet hate mongers and their delectable food stuffs this comes as no surprise, as they are closed every Sunday. Nonetheless this stance has ignited quite a firestorm on both sides of the issue. Never one to back away from a good dust-up, young Gus decided to plunge head first into this dispute by painting a giant portrait of CEO Dan Cathy in the trademark drag make-up of legendary tranny & frequent John Waters collaborator Divine on the side of a local tattoo parlor instigating a wellspring of vitriol from both camps…as nefariously plotted.

Pictures of the mural as well as the ongoing antagonistic discourse have been picked up by many blogs and websites as well as prompting a full page article in Asheville’s A&E rag the Mountain X-press. All with conspicuously perfect timing for the start of Gus’ running art show at the Desoto Lounge (504 Haywood Rd., Asheville NC) titled “Drinkin Buddies” which features aerosol portraits of some of history’s most prolific drinkers. Check and mate. Well played Gus Cutty.