Can’t Sleep… Must Make Beats


On a trip to Ecuador to see the legendary Bad Samta, Gurp-voyager and self-proclaimed “curse of the GFE” Brycon came home with an armload of records and a sleep-addled brain.  A short few days later the pudgy and curmudgeonly producer emerged from his San Francisco lab with this:


Brycon “ECU”


24 Minutes of Instrumentals inspired by a recent dig in Quito Ecuador


Now available in digital form at

and in physical form directly from Brycon   ( for the handsome price of $8.00 american.


Look for Brycon & Luke Sick’s new group Grand Killa Con as they schmob through NC and TN this month on the Cinderblocks & Cyanide tour, culminating in a performance at the 2013 Gurpfest in Asheville NC.  Their debut album “Year Of The Tre Bag” drops late this summer but you can score an advance copy direct from GKC on tour.