Feast Your Gaze…

misad front color my fix

Last week I read an article about how Flo Rida associate, Rich Homie Quan was barred from entering the VIP at an exclusive Miami night club. His response was to shout “But I’m a rich millionaire!”, knock out the bouncer, run across the street and escape in a speed boat.
Well, Foul Mouth Jerk is broke, but he appreciates new and creative ways to do opulent and excessive shit. He spends time pioneering such methods. Did he motorboat your mom’s tits with a mouthful of cheese ravioli? He doesn’t remember that, but it sounds like something he’d do. Did he get a master artist like Gus Cutty to render predictions on the conditions of his demise, and then use that as an album cover? Yes, he certainly did. Is there a level of Tupacishness in such a gesture? We’ll let you be the judge of that.
The new album Death By Misadventure will be available on iTunes, bandcamp.com and most online distributors Monday, 4/20/15. The official release party in Saturday 4/18 at The Isis Music Hall, in Asheville, NC. So in honor of that, above is the sneak preview of the album cover. Special thanks to Gus Cutty.