Acceptance Speeches… That’s How A Playa Do

Holden & Roland MVA


Fresh off their starring roles in the Foul Mouth Jerk stop-motion, crime drama, rap video “Opium Den”, Holden Green and Roland Dough walked the red carpet with their co-stars, turned lady-friends Harmony & Chrystal. The star studded gala event was the Music Video Asheville Awards. The pair left with the trophy for Best Visual Design, on behalf of Jerk & behind-the-scenes Mastermind, Jon Jones, for Low Bat studios.  Rumor has it that Holden & Roland have signed on for a possible trilogy, and have started shooting on the sequel, titled “The Perfect Crime.”  TMZ reports that their Hollywood it-dude status has already attracted the attention of tiny 1/6th scale Scientologists, who are looking for a new spokesman, who is at least slightly taller than Tom Cruise.