Fog Breaks Is Hord As Fuck

The Man in the Cuts is back with volume 4 of his Fog Breaks podcast series, “Wildside”. This round is going hord, with joints from Freddie Gibbs, Raekwon, MOP, Mobb Deep & the like. Not really for the faint of shirt & skinny jean crowd. The whole playlist is pre-emo, grab your dick & rap about pistols & foul shit music. New shit that sounds like the kind of shit you used to hear before people started rapping over house beats & techno jams.  Go grab this new one & keep up on all the Fog Breaks podcasts at the link below:

The Curious Case of Al Lover

It should come as no surprise at this point that Fist Fam uber-producer Al Lover is still hard at work, with his fiendish work ethic & seemingly boundless supply of stylish hats. What you may not know is that Al has been garnering some much deserved recognition for his efforts. Not the least of which coming from Impose Magazine, whose tape series Al recently joined with the release of  his “Satanic Tambourine” beat tape. Spearheading that release is the single “Black Magick Starter Jacket” which is as savage as it’s name suggests. This is really my favorite beat I’ve heard in quite a while. Not to mention the ridiculously awesome art that accompanies it. And yes that is Anton LaVey lurking menacingly behind the king witch Baphomet, wearing a pentagram Starter Jacket & handling the rock in front of not one but two spectacular pairs of tit-aes… needless to say this tape has everything. Enjoy


Also for more on Satanic Tambourine, and all things Impose Magazine visit them right here:

The Irish Goodbye…

In honor of my Thanksgiving visit to the Bay & the Fist Fam’s continuing campaign to facilitate my assassination via Jameson, which will inevitably be legally ruled “death by misadventure”, I am posting this new piece of free music. It is the Fist Fam’s electr-ode to that most deleterious of spirits, Irish Whiskey. It is titled “Green Bottle Brown” & features the talents of the one & only Gus Cutty & the mysterious rantings of the idiot-savant-in-charge Jay EZ (yes, yes in fact  he does say “voo-doo from my nail clippings could never kill me”) . Click the link below to grab the track & it’s oh so appropriate artwork…

Popcorn R.I.P.


New Music: NDSkyz “I’m Gone”

It’s Worst Case Thursday once again, and that means free music. This week we got some brand new shit from NDSkyz, an Asheville, NC based crew that is affiliated with some of the homies in Gurp City South. Rumor has it Smidi aka Hollywood Cole himself, will be appearing on their upcoming full length. We’ve been playing this track on the radio for the last couple of weeks and I’m definitely feeling it. But that should go without saying, cause I don’t play whack ass poodle music. It’s just a thing I have about stuff that sucks vs. stuff that’s fresh. Suffice it to say I’m expecting good things from NDSkyz so you can likely expect more free downloads from them right here as the album release draws closer. Enjoy:


That Wasn’t What I Meant By “Dog Pound”

Now that my week of slacking is over it’s time to get back on my posting grind. It is in that spirit that I give you the last installment of our deep, penetrating  probe on the physical act of love with man’s best friend & other quadrupeds. This clip includes a call-in from an audience member with a suspiciously extensive amount of information to share on the topic. Far be it from me to call into question the proclivities of Worst Case Scenario listeners. I’m not here to judge, merely to assail character, slanderously accuse,  and sometimes impune. With any luck there will be more highlights soon to come, on topics other than the salacious treatment of cherished family pets. But that may be a rather ambitious hope for the breadth of our subject matter. For some reason this clip of pt.3 is accidentally labeled as pt.2… nonetheless it is actually pt. 3

Free Music & Fishing… Must Be Macon Beats

Yes ladies & gentlemen, founding Fist Family member, avid outdoorsman, early retiree and all around creature of leisure DJ Macon Beats has poked his head out of his Floridian ocean paradise, to grace us with his latest mixtape, the appropriately named “Catfish Quick Mix”. Undoubtedly this is the kind of shit Macon is bumpin while on all day fishing expeditions. The hardest thing on the high seas since the Somali Pirates.


The Secret Shame Of Adam Strange

Continuing with Worst Case Scenario’s hard-hitting,  in-depth investigation of the forbidden love between man and dog, this second chapter leads us to find that answers to our previous questions only lead to more questions. Our engineer Adam Strange manages to find the actual news footage of the Memphis canine sex caper, and we get to hear the story first hand from the dog’s owner, bringing to light some ironic turns in the story and one twist that is worthy of M. Night Shyamalan. If you would like to listen the episode in it’s entirety you can follow the link below. Otherwise without further ado…



Buggery Was The Case

After marking the 2 year anniversary of Gurp City South’s online radio program Worst Case Scenario we finally launched live video streaming of each week’s episode via Twitter, which may turn out to be a brilliant stroke of marketing or a fatally stupendous error depending on how the broadening audience reacts to the myriad of retarded conversations & activities intrinsic to the staff of our show.  Such behavior clearly exemplified by the 2nd week of live video broadcasting when co-host Hollywood Cole, showing up adrift on Jameson, subsequently put me in a headlock & jail raped my face by licking my beard 7 separate times. A gesture that from my perspective would have gone gleefully unviewed by the listening audience, but appeared to be a career highlight in the questionable opinions of my co-conspirators.

A secondary benefit of the video feed is that we get to chop up some of the funnier segments into short, digestable pieces. Which brings us to today’s post, the 1st of a hopefully consistent series of Worst Case Scenario highlight reels on GCS. Herein part 1 of a conversation about a man in Memphis, TN caught in the throes of passion with his neighbor’s dog.  If you enjoy, the show can be listened to live every Thursday from 10pm to midnight on

or you can just go to the archives on said page at anytime during the week for that week’s episode. To watch live or to check out previous episodes via twitcast check us out here:


New Video and Free Music: Ronnie Mac “Revolver Breath”

More & more each day it seems clear that Al Lover has a chip on his shoulder that he has yet to be referred to as “Uber-Producer” and capitalizing on that obsessive work ethic is Fist Fam rapper & whiskey phenom Ronnie Mac aka “Pappy”. The pair got together for this apparent one-off and put together a video to go with it. After seeing the video I have one question… “smoke DMT much Pappy?” Not much happens in the way of action in the video but anyone whose partaken in that mother of all hallucinogenics may enjoy some mild flashbacks & possible heart palpitations. Try not to let that distract you from the outstanding rap music.
If you enjoy the track click the link below and take home another free song from the Gurp City South crew.

Free Music From The Man in The Cuts

So if you’ve been feeling the music on Worst Case Scenario, you probably know that a lot of the newest stuff we play comes to our show via our semi-silent partner in San Francisco The Man in The Cuts aka Gus Cutty of the Fist Fam. What you may not know is that Gus does a regular all music-no talk podcast of new hip hop about twice a month that kicks much ass. The podcast is called Fog Breaks and features brand new songs from Gurp City & Gurp City South member & associates, as well as new music from artists at large that don’t suck. Because contrary to what you may have heard there are a lot of dope new artists out there that aren’t getting the kind of exposure as all that poodle-ass pop bullshit that passes as hip hop these days.

To that end, we’ve posted the link & track list  for the newest Fog Breaks podcast titled “Decepts on the L Train”  and will continue to post them here for Gus’s  subsequent podcasts. You  can also check out the fog breaks site & subscribe to the podcast direct from itunes at the links at bottom.

1. Maffew Ragazino – Decepts on the L Train
2. Problem – Probs a Problem
3. A.Dd+ – Insomniacs Dreaming
4. Pac Div – The Greatness
5. Black Milk & Danny Brown – Zap
6. Nas – Nasty
7. TI ft. Pharrell – Hear Ye Hear Ye
8. Styles P – Feelings Gone
9. Sav Killz ft. Lil Fame – Jamel Rockwell
10. Immortal Technique – Toast to the Dead
11. Alexander Spit – The Kids Are Bored
12. Slim the Mobster ft. Prodigy – Marta
13. Quelle Chris ft. Danny Brown & Roc Marciano – Shotgun
14. The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. – Make Me
15. Killa Kyleon – Letter to Pimp C
16. The Ville Boyz – Talk to Em’
17. Fist Fam – Woompty Woomp
18. Juicy J – Gotta New One

Fog Breaks Links: