DJ Hyphen Interview Pt. 2

DJ Hyphen Interview-2 - DJ Hyphen Interview w/ TopR & Jerk pt 2     

DJ Hyphen Interview-3 - DJ Hyphen w/ Jerk & TopR pt 3     

As promised here are the 2nd and third parts of the Marathon of Shame interview with DJ Hyphen form KUBE 93fm in Seattle’s “Sunday Night Sound Session”. And for shits & giggles I included a picture taken mere moments before I became locked in mortal combat with the aforementioned racist bulldog on the mean streets of Denver… He got some lucky shots in, but I still feel I won the fight.


As promised The Ville Boyz have been keeping up with their quality music grind (quality being the operative word here). To that end, we here at GCS continue our ongoing series of free music from them and other assorted members of the Jameson submarine team.
Also, hot on the heels of the release of their full length “Posted”, the Fist Fam continues their relentless assault on the internet music game with next week’s official release of the new “Panama Jack” maxi-single, which will of course also be available at no cost to you at this location, so remain transfixed.
You can check out more music from The Ville Boyz & The Fist Fam on their respective artist pages on this site as well as

The Greatest Show on Gurp

3 more shows with The Artifacts and another job well done by what I like to call “The Greatest Show on Drugs”, though this time the lion’s share of the devastation was done by tequila & Jameson. While the name of this tour has been “Back Up On the Scene”, this particular leg of it should have been known as Vomi-Tour-ium. In Greenville, SC the notorious DJ Football began the night with four consecutive shots of Patron, while the goodly people of the audience assaulted the stage with complimentary shot after beer  during our performance. I lost count somewhere around the 12th can of PBR & the 15th shot of Jamie.

I am proud to say that I broke a personal record, vomiting 3 times on stage & miraculously not fumbling a verse. After our set someone literally asked me if barfing on stage was “my gimmick”, as if being some kind of rap G.G. Allen was now hot in the streets (fuck, I’m so out of touch with current culture it just might be). And while walking past some chick near the restrooms she pointed at the twin glops of regurge on my shirt & asked “eewww, what’s that?” I simply responded “A lifestyle”.

But alas I have to award the Gurp Trophy to DJ Football, aka Bitch Ninja, aka Kool DJ Yellow Alert, etc. For needing his girl to drive him home from the club & having her pull over six times in one hour to earl on the side of the highway. Upon his return home, curling up on the cool comfort of  the bathroom floor next to his Racer X magazine & letting the spins lull him into sweet dreams of motorcycle porn… Oh yeah also there was some music played in between there somewhere.

Big shouts to Jessica for getting our DJ home safely & then snapping the appropriate photo as he wallowed in his self-inflicted wounds.

Live From The City In The Sky

Ever since the Ville Boys returned from San Francisco they’ve had Asheville in a headlock. Their music has always been good, but MC/producer Dirty Frost has refined the group’s sound, the crew have dialed in the lyrics right along with it and the live shows have gone bonanza. Everything I’ve seen & heard from these guys lately just proves to me what a key role they are playing in the reanimation of the once nearly dead Asheville rap scene. They’ve been banging away in the lab lately & we will be bringing you a series of free singles as they are released. Below  is the 1st track in that series, the appropriately titled  “The Music Defines Us”… So in the words of Tame 1 “Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell everybody you know”

Rockers Revenge

It has begun to appear that some sort of resurgence of golden age hip hop has started to take hold in Asheville this summer. The aforementioned Artifacts will be coming through July16th. Chub Rock of all people is playing a west side hole in the wall about two blocks from my house July 3rd. And as you can see from the above photo, we piled in the Run-GMC and headed out to Cherokee casino & caught  a free show from honorary Vice Squad member and Digital Underground front man Shock G, this Friday night. The Hump threw a killer show for a very enthusiastic, mostly redneck crowd, shut it down with “Freaks of the Industry” then took requests. (surprisingly, the casino’s last two Fridays have hosted Tone Loc & Young MC, respectively)

This was followed by a Saturday night opening for Dead Prez at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, along with The Secret B-Sides & Mr. Invisible. A sold out show that smashed all the way through. Great work to everyone involved, especially the crowd of 500+ who turned up & got live.

The Saga Continues…

So we’ve added a few southern dates to the drunken juggernaut that has been the “Back Up On the Scene Tour”.  TopR Holiday & I will again be joining the Artifacts at all three shows, as well as a whole sordid cast of disreputable characters  at each of the different dates, including Gurp City South/Worst Case Scenario’s own Adam Strange, Cesar Comanche of Justus League, Project Lotus, DJ Football  and many more…

Come drink with us, in Raleigh, NC on Thurs. July 14th at Volume 11 Tavern

In Greenville, SC on Fri. July 15th at The Handle Bar

and in Asheville, NC on Sat. July 16th at The Emerald Lounge

Further info on these and any “Gurp City South Presents” events can be found on events calender page of this site. And anyone in the Asheville, NC area this Sat. june 25th should come out to the Grey Eagle to see me, Secret B Sides & Mr. Invisible open for Dead Prez

Pop Quiz, Asshole…

Recently I’ve become increasingly concerned that one of  Fist Fam producer Al Lover’s family members  has been kidnapped by some archfiend that is using that loved one’s life as a bargaining chip in some sort of nightmare “Speed” meets “Hustle & Flow” scenario, in which Al is forced to perpetually make beats at an alarming pace or the ticking time bomb will explode. And that if you go to his apartment you will find him hunkered over his MPC in some frayed, coffee-breathed condition continually muttering the phrase “cant’ sleep… must make beats”.
Or not, that’s just the only way i could justify the amount of music this guy is putting out. Here’s a link to another instrumental album of “psychedelic reinterpretations of contemporary rock & roll” or more conveniently, “garage-hop” for free down load from Cool Al Lover. Who recently produced the entirety of the Fist Fam’s last full-length “Posted”, Gus Cutty’s double single All Mine/Part of the Game, as well as several other instrumental discs.

Another Failed Attempt On My Life… Nice Try Fist Fam

Friday night’s Fist Fam Asheville album release party… sold out show, hot chicks making out in the front row, police out front with bull horns screaming at drunk fans to clear the street or be arrested, dudes chompin down thizz in the ladies room, and I’m relatively confident that Philo broke the record for consumption of alcohol by a land mammal, and still performed (more or less). Not to mention that this night was preceded by a killer episode of Worst Case Scenario Radio Show (  every Thurs.10pm-12am) and was followed by two more days and nights of near fatal inebriated cook outs.

All in all I’d have to say a job well done gentlemen. Special thanks to all the performers, The Ville Boys, DJ Football, Smidi, TopR, myself (Robert Fouly Jr.) The Fist Fam and all you ruckus ass fans & fine ass frauleins that came out & made this the rowdiest night in town yet this summer.  And a pat on the back to us here at Gurp City South for throwing & promoting this event. This was debauchery & hedonism at it’s finest. Gurp City South is in full motherfuckin effect.

New Video: Sacred Hoop “Moron Abuse”

I’m not sure when exactly they put this out but I’ve always been a big fan of re-appropriation. At it’s essence, that’s pretty much the heart of hip hop. This video is basically a well edited collage of mostly anime and the occasional strategic use of live action shots. Not surprising really, as Sacred Hoop has always been masters of well placed sampling, of music, vocals, visuals & ideas. They’re a lot like a Caucasian Bomb Squad (as in Shocklees & Saddler, for you young buckets) that way. If you need proof, go to any track on the “Go Hogwild” album.
My hat is off to you gentlemen. In the era of boundless bullshit, you have once again shown what this game is supposed to be. Grumpy old men fucking rule.