Bad Guy Wrestler Saves Planet.

While we at Gurp City South are obviously deeply saddened by one of our childhood heroes, Randy Savage snapping into that Big Slim Jim in the sky, we would respectfully posit our theory that it was not so much a loss as a calculated sacrifice.  As we all know, this past Saturday May 21st was predicted by some religious zealots to be the date of the biblical apocalypse. When the world remained for the most part in tact (sorry Missouri), most reasonable people considered it proof of the prophecy’s illegitimacy.

We would counter that the prophecy was true. And that Jesus was attempting to return & cast down the heathens, sodomites, sinners & nonbelievers (basically all Gurp City affiliates & fans) into the lake of fire. But  that OUR Lord & savior, appeared in the afterlife just in time to open up a can of Macho-Madness on the Lamb,  He who is know as I AM. And judging from the above artist’s rendition of these celestial events, we are obviously not the only ones who believe…

First Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, now Jesus. Is there anyone you can’t vanquish? Thank you Macho Man Randy Savage. Thank you.

The Artifacts & GCS Live in L.A.

Here’s some live footage from the “Back Up On The Scene” tour, compliments of Chinky Eyed Prod.( This is Pasadena CA, on NBA All-Star weekend. Caddilac Ron, Foul Mouth Jerk & The Artifacts.
Only vaguely related, while smoking a cigarette in front of the club that night we watched a dude get hit by a car. Despite the drastic Hollywood nature of the action, dude was relatively unfazed & made off on his own two get-away sticks.
Coincidentally my fourth time seeing someone get hit by a car first hand. A couple weeks later in Vegas I came within inches from witnessing my fifth when a dickish Elvis impersonator narrowly avoided impact with a Lincoln in front of the Bridger Inn.

Because Cops Are The New Hype Men

In the words of the recently forcefully uncloseted former mayor of NYC Ed Koch, “make you’re mark ON society, not IN society–wait no, IN society, not ON society–or is it…? Well something like that, you get my meaning”. (actual quote).
Now if I can just get my hands on that anti graffiti poster of with Hector Camacho & that other Spaniard champion… “Take it from the Champs, graffiti’s for chumps!”… I’m lookin at you Lord Top.