Worstcase Scenario ep. 210 “Free Titties From Bernie ”

These rich folks are pissing themselves about Bernie. They think he’s gonna take their solid gold toilets and melt them down for health care. They will spend at least 20% of their fortunes to stop him from letting you go to the doctor. It’s the worstcase…….

Worstcase Scenario ep. 208 “The Miseducation of William H. Hatespeech”

Alright, don’t even get me started. I had stories, great stories. I had one about a chick that got chlamydia in her eye from a cheating boyfriend. I had one about “Penis Man”, one about a guy smoking weed while in court for a weed charge. But no, Jerk and a guest will instead argue for an hour about politics. This is the world now, and it’s Groundhog Day so it’s probably gonna keep happening again and again forever.

Worstcase Scenario ep. 207 “Safe Space Cadet & The Cockbroker”

A special guest informs us about the psychological side effects of hormonal birth control. It explains why bad boys look good to baby mamas and why Old Spice is still a thing. Also, Jerk stays awake for the whole episode, it’s the worstcase…….

Worstcase Scenario ep. 206 “ZZZZZZ Top”

It’s the Bird & Tomm show! Our fearless host rocked the party a little too hard the night before and kinda passes out about 7 minutes in. The co-hosts do their best to hold things together as the sound of snoring creeps in. This just might be your favorite episode of the year, it’s 2/3s of the worstcase……

Worstcase Scenario ep. 205 “Wombat Schindler”

2020 is here and we got some cuss words for you. Life is stupid and pleasure is all there is. Words can help take your mind off your own horrible thoughts. Let us talk so you won’t have to think for an hour. Also, we list all the things people shoved in their ass this year.

Worstcase Scenario ep. 201 “A Call To Inaction”

We live in a reality with real life super villains. Not the best topic for a comedy podcast. Meth? South Dakota is “on it”, but so is an r&b star from the 90’s. The president has been looking at Florida’s Governor a little to closely, but hey, it’s the Worstcase, so tell your friends to shut up…..