The first time Smidi ever graced the stage, he was 9 years old and simply referred to as “the Beat”. It was clear even then, that there was something yet to come from this young man that was going to be great.

Born in this nations capital , now living in N.C, this musically creative power is an original member of the FRONTLINE clique. He exceeds genius and continually sets the standard of creativity in his music. As a
member of the now California based Fist Family and codefendant of Gurp City, S.M.I.D.I (Simple Man Inspired by Divine Intervention) finally has the ingredients to share his joy, pain, love and hardships of life with both those who deserve it and those who don’t.

Smidi has been featured on many cameo appearances for fellow artists and labels, but is now putting full focus on his own projects. The newly formed group, “A Product Of“, and of course his solo project BlaqDef, will be displaying this rapping perfectionist for all who either forgot, or never knew. His hymns, rhythm and head nodding influence will have listeners hanging on every word. Bar after bar. Smidi, is truly ahead of his time.

smidi chillin

Smidi Music

Smidi’s Bandcamp page


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