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Fist Fam Will Eat Your Brain & Gain Your Knowledge

You ever heard of those old tribesman that believed if you ate the heart of your enemy you would consume their soul and acquire their powers? Well the Fist Fam is working off some pretty similar philosophies. I can’t be certain that this song doesn’t promote devil worship when played forward at normal speed. But I am fairly sure that it is the pyschotic ramblings of desperate individuals far too cavalier in their recreational use of DMT in heroic dosages. To quote Gus Cutty’s verse; “The first to go is the lucky one”.See for yourself…



You Have Been Forewarned

Ladies & Gentlemen, THE musical extravaganza of the summer is almost upon us. The Epic mini-festival inside a festival known as Gurp Fest 2012 will undoubtedly make affairs the likes of Bonaroo & the rest seem like turds in a punch bowl. And rightly so, as the awesome power of the Gurp City crew is leveled against the livers of Asheville, during it’s biggest public celebration of the year known as Belle Chere. Beginning Friday July 27th and continuing on to Saturday the 28th, the Emerald Lounge will be presenting members of both the NC & San Francisco branches of the Olympic drinking team known as Gurp City. The line up includes Z-Man, TopR, Weekend Cult, Eddie K, GFE, Foul Mouth Jerk, Free Radio, Al lover & The Haters, as well as a myriad of DJ’s, special guests, hot dog vendors and other various delights. But there will be NO, and I cannot stress this enough, NO fire jugglers/dancers and No fucking hula hoops. Please be sure to pack at least one extra liver, and a change of clothes, as you will surely shit your socks.

The Curious Case of Al Lover

It should come as no surprise at this point that Fist Fam uber-producer Al Lover is still hard at work, with his fiendish work ethic & seemingly boundless supply of stylish hats. What you may not know is that Al has been garnering some much deserved recognition for his efforts. Not the least of which coming from Impose Magazine, whose tape series Al recently joined with the release of  his “Satanic Tambourine” beat tape. Spearheading that release is the single “Black Magick Starter Jacket” which is as savage as it’s name suggests. This is really my favorite beat I’ve heard in quite a while. Not to mention the ridiculously awesome art that accompanies it. And yes that is Anton LaVey lurking menacingly behind the king witch Baphomet, wearing a pentagram Starter Jacket & handling the rock in front of not one but two spectacular pairs of tit-aes… needless to say this tape has everything. Enjoy



Also for more on Satanic Tambourine, and all things Impose Magazine visit them right here:


Pop Quiz, Asshole…

Recently I’ve become increasingly concerned that one of  Fist Fam producer Al Lover’s family members  has been kidnapped by some archfiend that is using that loved one’s life as a bargaining chip in some sort of nightmare “Speed” meets “Hustle & Flow” scenario, in which Al is forced to perpetually make beats at an alarming pace or the ticking time bomb will explode. And that if you go to his apartment you will find him hunkered over his MPC in some frayed, coffee-breathed condition continually muttering the phrase “cant’ sleep… must make beats”.
Or not, that’s just the only way i could justify the amount of music this guy is putting out. Here’s a link to another instrumental album of “psychedelic reinterpretations of contemporary rock & roll” or more conveniently, “garage-hop” for free down load from Cool Al Lover. Who recently produced the entirety of the Fist Fam’s last full-length “Posted”, Gus Cutty’s double single All Mine/Part of the Game, as well as several other instrumental discs.