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Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition

Not long ago I was perusing one of my favorite music blogs, as I tend to do, when I stumbled across some posted video footage of some lackluster LA rapper’s show in San Francisco that was decidedly sleep-inducing. The response from the Bay Area rap fans was turning from disappointed to openly hostile when an audience member  rushed the stage demanding the artist either step his performance up in the immediate, or turn over the stage to someone who would. As the stage invader/crusader for justice stepped into the spotlight I realized “holy shit that’s Dreg’s One” pullin the old KRS ONE heave-ho number on this poor slouch. But in the words of the Blast Master “what the fuck? 2o bucks for a rap show is still 20 bucks”… and it was heart-warming to know that there are still some people out there who demand a higher standard for their wampum.

You may be asking “Foulio, what the hell does this have to do with Dregs One’s new video “Revolutionaries”? Well simply that Dregs don’t play that shit. And if he doesn’t like it, he’s gonna stand up & speak about it. Whether the government or your rap show, dude’s gonna overthrow some shit. This one features another GCS repeat offender White Mic. So click play & take a shot of this act-right.

The Ville Boyz Have Left The Building

Well it’s official, the Ville Boyz era is over. Following their return home to NC  from several years in San Francisco, and dropping months worth of singles for free download the VB’s are set to release their debut album under their new moniker Free Radio. The album is titled “The Powers That Be” and features appearances by Verse, Jeremy Indelicato, Tellio Prego, Dregs One, Patience & J Eazy of Weekend Cult.

 Explaining the album’s concept & by extension the group’s name change producer/rapper Dirty Frost had this to say  “Our songs are not untainted by the music industry, but in fact tainted to the point of rebelling completely against it. This album simply speaks from our hearts, and is an option for another path. A path towards unity and the power of people combined. A message of anti consumerism within a progressive culture that so often contradicts its self. For us, it is a step in the direction of breaking the chains that seem to keep new rap predictably similar. In my opinion this album brings the art of passion back to the music, with no regard for trying to be anything other than ourselves. It is socially aware, soulfully dirty, and variates musically between a number of world influences. Its the punk rock, of dirty hip hop. Free the Radio!”

Free Radio will be playing dual east coast/west coast album release parties. The NC show is at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville on Sat. June 2nd

The San Francisco show is at Rassela’s on Fillmore on Fri. June 8th with sets by Z-man, Eddie K, Grand Invincible & Rec League