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Mary Lou Retton, Bruh!

Next Friday, February 24th at the Elbo Room in San Francisco marks the album release party for the Fist Fam’s latest full length (yes another one) “Weekend Cult”. That being more or less the starter pistol for a string of releases by the Gurp City South Crew. 2012 will see albums from TopR, Foul Mouth Jerk, Scofflaw, The Ville Boyz, the Worst, and possibly more. So in honor of a future that is startlingly bright for a confederation of potential cirrhosis candidates & to educate these young buckets only just now upping themselves on the science of  Gurpology, we take a look back at the history of the Gurp City Crew by posting this link to the in-retrospect-ironically named  “Dead In A Year” a remastered compilation of hits from 1999-2004. This noteworthy collection of classics features the distinguished production high-jinks of Verse Murphy, Z-Trip & Radar as well as the superior rap shenanigans of OG Triple OG’s Brandon B, Eddie K, Luke Sick & Z-Man. Aside from being inundated with an overwhelming amount of gems that would hit just as hard if dropped in the distant future, it contains some of the funniest skits ever put to tape. In particular my favorite skit of all time “Coked Out In The 80’s” , few things are simultaneously this funny & historically accurate. So peep the skit & follow it back to the album, which is amazingly, also available for free download.



12/29/11 – Gurp City South\’s Late Xmas

Gurp City South's Late Xmas
Thursday, December 29, 2011
9:00pm - All Ages
Grey Eagle (map)
185 Clingman Ave
Asheville, NC, USA 28801
Other Info
Fist Fam, Foul Mouth Jerk, TopR, The Ville Boyz, DJ Football & Youngin Go Hard invite you to their ALL AGES Christmas Party 2011 at the Grey Eagle. Dec. 29

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Mr. Bus Driver: Fuck You

It should be no surprise to any regular visitor of this site that Gus Cutty is keeping what we call Blue Collar Rap alive. We may not have invented this particular sub-genre, but we will surely not be shy in claiming that we did. And if we didn’t, we do it better than anyone that you think did. And Gus spends his time doing it better than most of us.
So if you suffer the indignity or pride of riding the city bus, in any city or town to get to work and back I’m sure that you will feel this jawn. As the last man standing who actually owns & listens to a discman to drown out the cacophony of human background noise with actual headphones and not earbuds it hits home for me. When I’m not ignoring current society with burnt copies of “Big Daddy Thing” I’m listening to this or shit just like it… Enjoy Fucker