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Time Travellin Rhyme Javelin

As if I wasn’t already isolated enough from the majority of the contemporary hip hop scene, underground or otherwise, last week for reasons unclear even to myself I decided that for the foreseeable future I would listen to nothing but Gurp City artists, albums both past & current. It’s as if I won’t be happy until I’m left completely divorced from any and all human relevance mumbling my incoherent ramblings on the subject of rap to my only-est friend, the volleyball with the blood-splattered palm print which I’ve fashioned  into a rudimentary face. But thus far I couldn’t be more delighted with my choice. And today I have come to a place of complete vindication. After burning through Free Radio’ “Powers That Be”, Weekend Cult self titled album, and Z-Man’s “Show Up, Shut Up & Rap” I went back over ten years to Sacred Hoop’s 2001 full length “Sleep Over”. Where amongst other way-ahead-of-their-time gems I found a humble little masterpiece called “Worst Person”. A song that boasts possibly the most succinct hook ever in the form of “I hate you,  you suck. You are the worst person, even if your mom was the holy virgin”.

So in an attempt to exemplify just how long Gurp City has been ahead of the curve, or possibly simply to justify my increasingly eccentric neuroses scribbled across the internet here is a link to my new favorite song affordably appraised at name-your-own-price.

Link: http://sacred-hoop.bandcamp.com/track/worst-person

Unlimited Edition

If you didn’t believe me, or more likely just weren’t listening the myriad of times I have repeated that this website is run by and largely for Grumpy Old Men, please allow me to state the latest case in the form of Rime Force Most Illin and their new mixtape. Exhibit A: the title “SupaLova”, Exhibit B: this mixtape is actually a tape, as in on cassette, well also available for download, but fuck all that newjack hogwash. This chilly fresh project is brought to you by preeminent cave men on the moon, Rec League’s Rob Rush & Gurp City’s Luke Sick featuring a stupid dope exclusive mix by G-Pek & some dumb hype cuts by DJ Raw B, as well as a recording of the first ever live appearance of Rime Force Most Illin. So get with the times, and by times I mean the Crack Era, and order one of these limited edition jammies cause each cassette order comes with a free download. So you can be fresh for the old school plus for the new one.

Link:  http://www.rimeforcemostillin.com/#!home/mainPage

You’re Livin In a Cage With Golden Bars Baby, Can’t Ya See ?

In case you are among the blissfully unaware, Luke Sick is the literary genius of rap. When he’s not penning crime noir novels he’s doing high minded low brow shit like incorporating Chalres Bukowski’s alter ego Henry Chinaski into a hip hop format & showing you how Gurp City is livin…for the city. It’s not a gimmick, it’s an allegory for a lifestyle. Literature, nah mean? That’s whats hot in the street. Step your Lit game up.

The Deadly Thirst

The long lost king Conceit once said of Gurp City’s habits & by extension it’s music, ever so succinctly “It’s not a gimmick, it’s a lifestyle”. And ever since, not only has the Gurp City Crew made it their life’s work to live up to that mission statement, but it’s extended family on both coasts have shared the same work ethic. Yes, I referred to our bottomless commitment to drinking as a work ethic. Because unlike you & those marshmellow peeps you call drankin padnahs, we’re not social drinkers… It’s all business fuck face! Hence the above. “Fucked Up” brought to you by QM, of Rec League, Juicy The Emissary, Telli Prego & Luke Sick.  Enjoy with a friend.

The Ville Boyz Have Left The Building

Well it’s official, the Ville Boyz era is over. Following their return home to NC  from several years in San Francisco, and dropping months worth of singles for free download the VB’s are set to release their debut album under their new moniker Free Radio. The album is titled “The Powers That Be” and features appearances by Verse, Jeremy Indelicato, Tellio Prego, Dregs One, Patience & J Eazy of Weekend Cult.

 Explaining the album’s concept & by extension the group’s name change producer/rapper Dirty Frost had this to say  “Our songs are not untainted by the music industry, but in fact tainted to the point of rebelling completely against it. This album simply speaks from our hearts, and is an option for another path. A path towards unity and the power of people combined. A message of anti consumerism within a progressive culture that so often contradicts its self. For us, it is a step in the direction of breaking the chains that seem to keep new rap predictably similar. In my opinion this album brings the art of passion back to the music, with no regard for trying to be anything other than ourselves. It is socially aware, soulfully dirty, and variates musically between a number of world influences. Its the punk rock, of dirty hip hop. Free the Radio!”

Free Radio will be playing dual east coast/west coast album release parties. The NC show is at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville on Sat. June 2nd

The San Francisco show is at Rassela’s on Fillmore on Fri. June 8th with sets by Z-man, Eddie K, Grand Invincible & Rec League

The Cold Hand Strikes Back

For years now Gurp City has been proving that the old school methods of quality over quantity & craftsmanship over conformity are still the best, mostly because we are a bunch of angry dinosaurs that refuse to change with the times. But also because our shit is way fresher than yours. The likely the vanguard of that work ethic has been Luke Sick & DJ Eons One, better known as Grand Invincible. This artisan-like approach is evidenced by their latest 9 song EP Winter 365. The limited run digi-pack CD (hand numbered 1 through 100) includes stickers, mini-zines, & generally the  the type of artsy underground shit you don’t get anywhere else. So go follow the link at the bottom & cop it for the sake of your children & your children’s children. And if you still need further convincing, follow the soundcloud link to their lead single “Undertaker of Mics”.

Undertaker of Mics:



The Motherfuckin Saga Continues…

As promised this Friday marks the release party of the Fist Fam’s 3rd album release in less than a year, “Weekend Cult”. The show will be at the Elbo Room (647 Valencia, SF, CA) and will feature sets by a cadre of Gurp City members & affilliates such as Z-Man, Rec League, Grand Invincible, yours truly Foulio Iglesias and others. Spearheading this event is the release of the album’s lead single “Drinkin & Smokin” (which I suspect is actually a prequal to the “Posted” single “Drinkin”) as a free download. These guys can’t stop hitting you over the head with free music, and in my opinion this is the tightest album the Fam has put together to date. So in the words of the immortal (or perhaps just undead) Tame One “Tell a friend, tell a foe. Tell everybody you know”…


Mary Lou Retton, Bruh!

Next Friday, February 24th at the Elbo Room in San Francisco marks the album release party for the Fist Fam’s latest full length (yes another one) “Weekend Cult”. That being more or less the starter pistol for a string of releases by the Gurp City South Crew. 2012 will see albums from TopR, Foul Mouth Jerk, Scofflaw, The Ville Boyz, the Worst, and possibly more. So in honor of a future that is startlingly bright for a confederation of potential cirrhosis candidates & to educate these young buckets only just now upping themselves on the science of  Gurpology, we take a look back at the history of the Gurp City Crew by posting this link to the in-retrospect-ironically named  “Dead In A Year” a remastered compilation of hits from 1999-2004. This noteworthy collection of classics features the distinguished production high-jinks of Verse Murphy, Z-Trip & Radar as well as the superior rap shenanigans of OG Triple OG’s Brandon B, Eddie K, Luke Sick & Z-Man. Aside from being inundated with an overwhelming amount of gems that would hit just as hard if dropped in the distant future, it contains some of the funniest skits ever put to tape. In particular my favorite skit of all time “Coked Out In The 80’s” , few things are simultaneously this funny & historically accurate. So peep the skit & follow it back to the album, which is amazingly, also available for free download.