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The Thinking Man’s Nicholas Cage

Okay the holiday vacation is over & much to my disappoinment the world didn’t end on 12/21/12, leaving Kevin Costner to lead the survivors to post-apocalyoptic redemption. What did happen is the Fist Fam realeased their latest single & 1st self produced/directed/edited video.

“White Picket Fences” is  the final track in the line up of their recently released album “Weekend Cult,” the song pays tribute to the group’s sacrifices over the last decade spent making quality rap music. Contrary to popular belief, there are no white picket fences for psychotic, psychedelic, shit talking rap megalomaniacs. Although the group has received many honors, garnered regional fame, and partied like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, it all comes at a cost. Listen closely and you can hear the groups philosophy subtly stated on the outro, “If it were easy then everybody would do it.” Many have tried, and many have failed, left to limp home with shattered livers and broken dreams.  Not the Fist Fam. This tenacious group of misanthropes has been tearing clubs up across the country, leaving a wake of destruction in their path since the turn of the millennium. After spending the last six years in the alcoholic neverland known as San Francisco, the group has moved back to Asheville NC to recharge their damaged livers, chop some wood to fuel the flames of the oil lamp hash, and try the simple life for a while. Join them in spirit, with spirits. Sit back, pour a glass of the hard stuff,and enjoy.

Link: www.weekendcult.bandcamp.com

Fist Fam Will Eat Your Brain & Gain Your Knowledge

You ever heard of those old tribesman that believed if you ate the heart of your enemy you would consume their soul and acquire their powers? Well the Fist Fam is working off some pretty similar philosophies. I can’t be certain that this song doesn’t promote devil worship when played forward at normal speed. But I am fairly sure that it is the pyschotic ramblings of desperate individuals far too cavalier in their recreational use of DMT in heroic dosages. To quote Gus Cutty’s verse; “The first to go is the lucky one”.See for yourself…



The Ogre Ate Your Lunch

Sure Andre the Giant has a posse, but TopR Holiday has a fedora and a leather jacket.Somehow he finds it advantageous to parade around looking like the front man for Blues Traveler. Perhaps the underwhelming nature of his appearance leads his opponents to greatly overestimate their chances against what they perceive to be an easy target. Sort of the fashionista’s equivalent to what Southerners refer to as playing “country dumb”.

Well the silly little gambit worked. Because while Richard Cranium gave it a valiant effort with such memorable punchlines as “Cut to the chase, you have an old man’s butt for a face”, the Ogre took this one unanimously in what most of the judges agreed was all 3 rounds. All this happening in the few minutes following a man bursting through the club’s front door & onto the dance floor with his trigger finger blown off from a gun fight that erupted out front as the competition was starting. I’ll save you the gory details but you can find them in a previous entry on this site if need be. I have to give it to Grind Time for setting up some really entertaining battles, as this was my first time attending one of their events live & I was sufficiently impressed. I recommend watching all the battles from the “Nuclear Winter” event. I found the Carter Deems v. Real Talk battle particularly hilarious. Congratulations to my main  damey TopR for bringing home the flawless victory for Gurp City.

DJ Hyphen Interview Pt. 2

DJ Hyphen Interview-2 - DJ Hyphen Interview w/ TopR & Jerk pt 2     

DJ Hyphen Interview-3 - DJ Hyphen w/ Jerk & TopR pt 3     

As promised here are the 2nd and third parts of the Marathon of Shame interview with DJ Hyphen form KUBE 93fm in Seattle’s “Sunday Night Sound Session”. And for shits & giggles I included a picture taken mere moments before I became locked in mortal combat with the aforementioned racist bulldog on the mean streets of Denver… He got some lucky shots in, but I still feel I won the fight.