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Kicking Much Ass

  At a space in time where the worse you rap & the more mind numbingly simple your beats are the more popularity you gain, we have reached a new paradigm where whack is the new fresh. Well I, Foul Mouth Jerk, am going to be bold enough to take an unpopular stance and say that I think sucking is really not that cool. I’ll be honest, I’m just not that into it.  If it sucks, I’m probably not going to like it hence I won’t listen to it, put it on this site, or play it on the Worst Case Scenario radio show (every Thurs. 10pm on ashevillefm.org… shameless plug). Now call me a grumpy old fuck, curmudgeon, sourpuss,  malcontent, hater what have you, all of which are fairly accurate descriptions. But personally, and I’m only speaking for myself here,  I’m just more into things that are awesome.  If you prefer sucky to awesome, that’s fine, it’s just another lifestyle choice and far be it from me to judge. But for my money things that kick ass always win over things that suck ass.

So it is in that spirit of supporting things that rule & completely ignoring garbage I present to you  more free music from the homies at Mystika Music. This one is from Tone, another founding member of Western Mass’ Problemaddicts crew. It’s titled “It’s All Love” & is produced by Mr. Green with cuts by another friend of the Gurp, DJ Theory. The single is off Tone’s upcoming solo effort “Admit One”. What I like about this track is that not only does he thank all his true friends who have stuck by him through all the bullshit, but he offers a firm fuck off to all the enemigos that seem to only show up to for the big win. Which I feel only furthers my argument of  Suck v. Awesome.  Enjoy with a friend… a real friend.



The Motherfuckin Saga Continues…

As promised this Friday marks the release party of the Fist Fam’s 3rd album release in less than a year, “Weekend Cult”. The show will be at the Elbo Room (647 Valencia, SF, CA) and will feature sets by a cadre of Gurp City members & affilliates such as Z-Man, Rec League, Grand Invincible, yours truly Foulio Iglesias and others. Spearheading this event is the release of the album’s lead single “Drinkin & Smokin” (which I suspect is actually a prequal to the “Posted” single “Drinkin”) as a free download. These guys can’t stop hitting you over the head with free music, and in my opinion this is the tightest album the Fam has put together to date. So in the words of the immortal (or perhaps just undead) Tame One “Tell a friend, tell a foe. Tell everybody you know”…


The Thinking Man’s Working Man… or Vice Versa

San Francisco’s Blue Collar rap champ & Strange Face vet Wordsmiff recently released his new full length. Now you don’t have to hate your job to love this album per se, but it certainly will not stand in your way. Atmosphere’s Slug once said that “inspiration comes from love & stress compounding” and in a pinch I think that would work as an elevator pitch for “Day Jobs & Day Dreams”. Wordsmiff deftly captures the frustration of a life measured in dollars-per-hour.  Watching your minutes ticking away into days, weeks, & years just to keep rent & bills covered, while trying to find the time & energy  to squeeze in the things that actually inspire you & make it worthwhile. As someone who wrote their entire 1st album on beverage napkins in a dish tank, I can relate. Even craftier is that he laid all this frustration over some mostly smooth, smoked out beats, so that songs come across as less angry & more contemplative. And to top it all off , the whole album is available at the old “Name your own price” option…how’s that for working class?



Free Music: REC LEAGUE: “What’s Good”?…Buy them a drink & find out

Looks like those  Gurp City cuzzerelli’s in the Rec League camp are as busy as ever on their music-that-will-punch-you-in-the-face grind. They just dropped this hord ass posse cut titled “What’s Good” ft. QM, Grip Grand, Richie Cunning, Proe, Rob Rush and Maclaine who also produced this butt naked sub monster. Click the link & download this joint off routine fly, then go buy buy them a drink… it’s the least you can do, the music is free.

If you’re in the Bay Area tonight you actually can go buy them a drink if you go to their show at Wix Lounge, 2601 Mission St on the 3rd floor. Tell them Jerk sent ya.


05/26/11 – Mr. Lif, Foul Mouth Jerk & TopR Live at Mellow Mushroom, Asheville

Mr. Lif, Foul Mouth Jerk & TopR Live at Mellow Mushroom, Asheville
Thursday, May 26, 2011
8:00pm - All Ages
9:00pm - All Ages
Mellow Mushroom (map)
50 Broadway
Asheville, NC, USA 28801
Other Info
Mr. Lif Live at Mellow Mushroom ft. Foul Mouth Jerk & TopR aka Vice Squad, Gurp City South Crew

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