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Wrong Side At The Right Time

In case you didn’t know, the triple OG homies & Gurp City road dogs The Artifacts are officially back together. After their wildly successful European reunion tour this spring they have headed back to the studio to mount the most earth-shattering comeback since Kenny Powers. I haven’t been this delighted since I decided not to believe the Big Daddy Kane AIDS rumor of the late 80’s (side note: Kane is totally alive, well & HIV-free in the ‘012, & I, Foulio am joyfully vindicated).  So in honor of this celebrated return I have posted the “Everyday In the Street Remix” the group’s 1st official video back (well except for that 1 they did for Foul Mouth Jerk’s “Back Up On the Scene” single… and um also that other one they did for the Alcametric clothing Co. “Coming From” ft. Foul Mouth Jerk & some dude in a genie outfit… both of which are available for your viewing pleasure on the video page of this site), from El Da Sensei’s Nu World Order 2 remix project. Also posted below is the link to their 1st official re-Artifactation single “Easter”.

Undoubtedly, the most powerful element of the video is the videological return of the rap game’s most under appreciated mixologist/comedic genius DJ Kaos. The only thing missing is that tribute to the legendary Boyd Jarvis, but nobody’s perfect. So roll a dutch & pour yourself a gin & pineapple & click on them thangs.