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Kicking Much Ass

  At a space in time where the worse you rap & the more mind numbingly simple your beats are the more popularity you gain, we have reached a new paradigm where whack is the new fresh. Well I, Foul Mouth Jerk, am going to be bold enough to take an unpopular stance and say that I think sucking is really not that cool. I’ll be honest, I’m just not that into it.  If it sucks, I’m probably not going to like it hence I won’t listen to it, put it on this site, or play it on the Worst Case Scenario radio show (every Thurs. 10pm on ashevillefm.org… shameless plug). Now call me a grumpy old fuck, curmudgeon, sourpuss,  malcontent, hater what have you, all of which are fairly accurate descriptions. But personally, and I’m only speaking for myself here,  I’m just more into things that are awesome.  If you prefer sucky to awesome, that’s fine, it’s just another lifestyle choice and far be it from me to judge. But for my money things that kick ass always win over things that suck ass.

So it is in that spirit of supporting things that rule & completely ignoring garbage I present to you  more free music from the homies at Mystika Music. This one is from Tone, another founding member of Western Mass’ Problemaddicts crew. It’s titled “It’s All Love” & is produced by Mr. Green with cuts by another friend of the Gurp, DJ Theory. The single is off Tone’s upcoming solo effort “Admit One”. What I like about this track is that not only does he thank all his true friends who have stuck by him through all the bullshit, but he offers a firm fuck off to all the enemigos that seem to only show up to for the big win. Which I feel only furthers my argument of  Suck v. Awesome.  Enjoy with a friend… a real friend.



Return of the Party Rockin Invincible

Lately I’ve had the rare pleasure of seeing several of my friends & esteemed colleagues getting a fair amount of promotional love from some of the bigger hip hop blogs. It has been additionally refreshing since these particular associates are musicians with actual skill, who put  worthwhile content into their songs and not the seemingly endless rehashed fruit-bat poppycock & baloney show that defines the lion’s share of what I usually tend to see on those sites. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of that shit is a bunch of hooey. And in case I have to tell you my feelings towards hooey… I vote no on that shit. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see some music (especially rap music) that is dare I say, toothsome getting a bit of spotlight, instead of toiling in obscurity as it often seems to for far too long.

So without further ado I would like to introduce one of my personal homies from  Mystika Music’s Problemaddicts, Vorheez working in cahoots with Stone’s Throw’s Homeboy Sandman & and another Gurp City frequent collaborator, El Da Sensei of the Artifacts.  The song is called “Place to Be” and it’s off Vorheez’s forthcoming full length Say Anything. Click the link & keep an eye for more releases from the Mystika team cause they definitely have some fly shit on deck.