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…They’ve Got Enough To Go Around

I’m just gonna come out and say it, perhaps you’ve been feeling the same and just weren’t mentioning it, but I’m really beginning to doubt QM’s commitment to drinking. I speak from both personal experience & anecdotal evidence when I say anyone who is sincere in their efforts to punish the liver for it’s misdeeds really does not work this hard at life. QM has been releasing too much good music both on his own  & collaboratively. Between the runs to the liquor store, the boozing, the romance (if this pimpin goes according to plan), the oversleeping, the hangovers, the quiet shame & self doubt, and the hair of the dog to start it all again, where the fuck does this guy find the time in the day to write & record this all this shit? Listen QM, all I’m saying is I got my fuckin eye on you pal…

All work ethic aside, this new one is called “Juice” off the coming collaborative EP “Take Me To Your Leader” with MacLane, who also produced the beat for it. In addition to tying together themes of scumbaggery with such a nerdy pun for their album title, which between you, me & the internet is some of my favorite shit, I’m feeling this joint because the beat brings together new school sounds with a Schooly-Dish triangle hit & what appears to be a sample of Buffy from the FatBoys beat boxing. Fucking Win. So go click this link I stole off Thizzler & Rec Ya Life.



Drunk & Drunkerer

Just when you thought you’d seen the end of free music on this site due to multiple fatal drank wounds resulting from this summer’s tour schedule, we’re back. And speaking of inebriate mortality  we would like to thank everyone who came out to the 2 day event of Gurp Fest 2012, both the survivors & the fallen. Bottles will be tipped accordingly.  It is in that spirit that we bring you the new single from our esteemed colleagues at Rec League South, off of the latest collaborative EP from Pudge & Ernie McCrackin “Dumb & Dumber”. To no one’s surprise they are joined by stand up guy/fall down drunk & frequent Pudge collaborator/drankin padnah QM of the RL’s San Francisco branch. This joint is called Elma Fudd & has the mellow demeanor of Sunday morning hair of the dog. Its a name your own price, so name yours at 3 shots of Jameson’s & call it even… Rec Ya Life.



The Deadly Thirst

The long lost king Conceit once said of Gurp City’s habits & by extension it’s music, ever so succinctly “It’s not a gimmick, it’s a lifestyle”. And ever since, not only has the Gurp City Crew made it their life’s work to live up to that mission statement, but it’s extended family on both coasts have shared the same work ethic. Yes, I referred to our bottomless commitment to drinking as a work ethic. Because unlike you & those marshmellow peeps you call drankin padnahs, we’re not social drinkers… It’s all business fuck face! Hence the above. “Fucked Up” brought to you by QM, of Rec League, Juicy The Emissary, Telli Prego & Luke Sick.  Enjoy with a friend.

Sleepless In San Francisco

Subtlety… Nuance… Profundity… are words you are likely to never hear used in relation the music of QM and Pudge. Debauched, Ribald, Eighty sixed, these are terms more closely associated with the aforementioned artists and their body of work. Due to their fastidious commitment to drinking I can only conclude that the title “No SleEP” is reflective of the type of benders for which this album is the germane theme music. In that sense these two are deft master craftsmen in the art of excess, and in the play by play of it’s soundtrack QM & Pudge are the bastard Madden & Summerall of the party.

Acquaint yourself with the “No SleEP” at no cost:


Thirsty Banditos Go Hard

Two of my favorite scumbag rappers together on one track? Check. Swarthy Latin horn sample? Check. Low brow Sandusky punchline? Check.  A dog with a bottle of tequila wearing a Fucking sombrero?  You win again Rec League… I don’t know how you found out about my weakness for animals doing people shit, but I surrender. That picture was pretty much all you needed to get me to listen and QM & Wordsmiff definitely put the “Cali” in Caliente with this joint. Rumor has it that Wordsmiff has just dropped his latest full-length “Day Jobs & Day Dreams”. So hopefully we’ll be seeing some more songs from him. Pour a drink & click the link.