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The Thinking Man’s Working Man… or Vice Versa

San Francisco’s Blue Collar rap champ & Strange Face vet Wordsmiff recently released his new full length. Now you don’t have to hate your job to love this album per se, but it certainly will not stand in your way. Atmosphere’s Slug once said that “inspiration comes from love & stress compounding” and in a pinch I think that would work as an elevator pitch for “Day Jobs & Day Dreams”. Wordsmiff deftly captures the frustration of a life measured in dollars-per-hour.  Watching your minutes ticking away into days, weeks, & years just to keep rent & bills covered, while trying to find the time & energy  to squeeze in the things that actually inspire you & make it worthwhile. As someone who wrote their entire 1st album on beverage napkins in a dish tank, I can relate. Even craftier is that he laid all this frustration over some mostly smooth, smoked out beats, so that songs come across as less angry & more contemplative. And to top it all off , the whole album is available at the old “Name your own price” option…how’s that for working class?



Thirsty Banditos Go Hard

Two of my favorite scumbag rappers together on one track? Check. Swarthy Latin horn sample? Check. Low brow Sandusky punchline? Check.  A dog with a bottle of tequila wearing a Fucking sombrero?  You win again Rec League… I don’t know how you found out about my weakness for animals doing people shit, but I surrender. That picture was pretty much all you needed to get me to listen and QM & Wordsmiff definitely put the “Cali” in Caliente with this joint. Rumor has it that Wordsmiff has just dropped his latest full-length “Day Jobs & Day Dreams”. So hopefully we’ll be seeing some more songs from him. Pour a drink & click the link.



The End Is Near…But Have some Free Music First

On my recent trip out to The Bay I had the good fortune to sleep off most of my benders  fully dressed, in Ronnie Mac’s lazy boy. One of the fringe benefits of Pappy’s upright slumber suite is that his room mate is S.F. underground stalwart & Gurp City production genius Optik. Probably best  known for producing the entirety of TopR’s “Cheap Laughs For Dead Comedians” album, Optik has also produced UG classics for the likes of Z Man, Fist Fam & more. Shortly after his work on Cheap Laughs he began work on a his own album, featuring an all-star team of the rappers with whom he frequently collaborates. I had the good timing to be in town during a few of these sessions & ended up on a couple of the joints that were recorded for the album. As often happens with independent music some time has passed & for whatever reasons the album has yet to be released. So rather than keep all these gems to himself Optik recently began leaking a few of them on his “The Chillout blog” & soundcloud etc. This week’s release is called “Times”(The End is Near) ft. Foul Mouth Jerk, TopR & Word Smiff. You can can grab the download below along with a few other unreleased Optik rarities.