A freestyle master who started rhyming in 1988, TOPR burst onto the San Francisco scene in 1993 as Top Ramen. Quickly gaining notoriety in battle circles, he consistently embarrassed the competition with his quick-witted lyrics and scathing delivery. A founding member of the The Earthlings and Gurp City hip hop collectives from San Francisco, he has helped build their reputation as dynamic live performers opening up for such hip hop legends as KRS ONE, LL Cool J, De La Soul, Kool Keith, Goodie Mob, Rakim, Organized Konfusion, Eminem, Ghostface Killah, Pharaoh Monch and countless others. A headlining act in many national markets, he also has toured extensivally with Living Legends, Awol One, Heiroglyphics, Glue, GFE, Atmosphere, The Artifacts, Non Phixion etc.. He is active in the world wide emcee battle community, with an undefeated record in the well known Grind Time league. TOPR and his music also appeared in the films Quality of Life and the graffiti documentary Piece by Piece. His music draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources including stand up comedy, punk rock and film. His Past releases include Donut Hustlers w/ DJ NonPhenom, Burning the Candle at Both Ends, Legalize Murder, Cheap Laughs for Dead Comedians, The Marathon of Shame and L Ron Hustler.
  The Bay Area independant music and graffiti icon is currently recording his 7th full length studio album, entitled “Life of the Party”. He currently resides in Asheville, NC where he spends most of his time complaining about the food, drinking inhuman amounts of irish whiskey and painting trains.
“Each (TOPR) track is an anthem of hedonistic individualism, a contradictory self-affirmation of pride and despair, intense motivation and ultimate fatalism, all driven by a serious bent to rap, write (graffiti and get on gurp). TOPR is a reminder of what bay area indie rap can and should be.”-Mesh Magazine


L. Ron Hustler

Marathon Of Shame

Legalize Murder

Burning The Candle
At Both Ends

Cheap Laughs For
Dead Comedians

Vice Squad –
Vomit Is The New Confetti



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